[3~5 Month]Dying! Diagnosis?


[First Diagnosis]

- Where do you grow your Monitree? On monitor, near window.

- How long have you been growing Monitree?Three months

- Use of plant LED: YES

- Does your plant get LED lights for more than 10 hours a day? 10 to 12.

- How many ml of water do you plant a week? Six. Eight today because it looks dry it out.

- Have you ever forgotten to water the plants? (haven't watered the plants in a week.) no

- What is the current problem? It is all shriveled and looking brown suddenly!

- What was the cause of it?
probably the green stuff (see the picture, saturation turned up)- in a checkup from two weeks ago I see there was a little green on the bottom before, but i was away for a week (someone else watered it) so it grew without me noticing until todays watering. There was a bug.(!!!) crawling through which I chased out.I just noticed a lot of green inside of the soil area. Is this what has started killing it?
If so. How can I clean it well and save it without shocking it too much?:(

[Periodic diagnosis]

- Please upload a picture of the plant and ask a questions. :)