[First Diagnosis]

- Where do you grow your Monitree?

My cubicle is in a room where my monitor faces the window  though in the afternoon for a couple hours I have to angle my monitor a little to avoid sunlight glare on the screen.

- How long have you been growing Monitree?

It’s been a few weeks. I didn’t get seeds. So I got a plant from my local nursery. It is a wire vine muehlenbeckia axillaris.

- Use of plant LED: YES   Right now for 8 hours. I need to get a timer for the weekends and more

- Does your plant get lights for more than 10 hours a day?

not with the LED but with the

- How many ml of water do you plant a week?

I did 10 ml two weeks ago but still is still damp. Not as wet as last week though.

- Have you ever forgotten to water the plants? (haven't watered the plants in a week.) see above

- What is the current problem?

Is it happy? It looks sad  

- What was the cause of it? 

I don’t know  

[Periodic diagnosis]

- Please upload a picture of the plant and ask a questions. :)