We will provide diagnosis and prescription within 24 hours.

For accurate diagnosis, please fill out the form below and upload a picture of the plant.

3 photos are required for diagnosis, and you can post more.


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[First Deagnosis]

- Where do you grow your Monitree? At work

- How long have you been growing Monitree? Started today

- Use of plant LED: YES

- Does your plant get lights for more than 10 hours a day? No. I’m only at work for 8 hours.

- How many ml of water do you plant a week? Started with 10, each side. The soil I used was very dry. 

- Have you ever forgotten to water the plants? (haven't watered the plants in a week.) this is my first day

- What is the current problem? None, just want to make sure I set up properly

- What was the cause of it? na

[Periodic diagnosis]

- Please upload a picture of the plant and ask a questions. :)