Q. What kinds of plants can Monitree grow? 

Considering the minimal space of Monitreee, plants such as Muehlenbeckia complexa and Ficus Pumira are recommended due to its small leaves. Muehlenbeckia complexa is easier to grow than Ficus Pumila. So we recommend that you grow Muehlenbeckia complexa for the first time.

Q. Where can I get seeds and/or plants?

Muehlenbeckia complexa and Ficus Pumira are readily available at any florists. Both can be purchased from online stores in your country or region.  

Q. How long can a plant live for in Monitree?

It takes about 10 months for a plant to reach the end of Monitree’s transparent tube. Depending on the environment, it may grow slowly or quickly. However, do note that once the vines are clumped tightly in the transparent tube, it may cause a lack of oxygen. It is highly recommended to move the grown plants within Monitree to a regular pot to raise it while planting new plants in Monitree pots to grow them!

Q. How often do we need to water the plants?

You can use the enclosed 8ml syringe to water it once a week. As plants grow, they would require more water. After raising it for about 4 months, you can water it twice a week (7ml). There is also an App for users to download to use / consult. A guide containing more information and care instructions will come with every Monitree purchased.  

Q. Would there be water leakage or moisture that damages the monitor?

We have tested the prototypes for about 2 years before launching this project. Even though Monitree is attached to the monitor, water does not enter the monitor or any crevice as it is separated by the acrylic base. The moisture levels from the plants are minute and does not leak or affect the monitor in any way.  

Q. Will the monitor’s electromagnetic wave cause problems for the plants?

Before launching Monitree, we tested the prototype for 2 years and we are very certain that electromagnetic waves had no effect on the plants growth as they grew very well!  

Q. Are there any limits to the monitor size?

There are no limitations to flat monitors, you can attach Monitree on a 24 - 27 inch monitor.

Q. I have a thin monitor bezel. Can I still attach Monitree onto it?

Yes you can! The double-sided tape is strong enough to attach the Monitree to a thin monitor bezel. We tested it on an iMac with a 5mm bezel and it was fixed firmly. 

Q. Can I attach Monitree on a curved monitor?

Monitree can be attached onto a 24 inch curved monitor with similar results as a flat monitor. However, for curved monitors over 27 inches, there will be a slight gap due to the curvature of the monitor.  

Q. How long should I leave the LED lamp on?

All plants need their rest time. You can switch on the LED for up to 10 - 12 hours. However, leaving the led on 24 hours daily may affect the plant.

Q. How much power does Monitree LED use?

The LED that comes with Monitree can be plugged into any PC USB port with a 5V, 1~2A output. You can also plug it into a typical cell phone charging adapter to use it.  

Q. How does the plant get its nutrients or fertilizer?

You will get 2 years worth of grain fertilizer. Add 5 grains of fertilizer every 6 months as it will dissolve bit by bit overtime.  

Q. Does Monitree come with seeds or plants?

 We do not ship plants or seeds. Most customs prohibit the import and export of live plant material without valid permits. Also, shipping time may vary due to the restrictions imposed because of Covid-19 and any delay in shipping may cause the plants to perish. Muehlenbeckia complexa and Ficus Purira -the plants recommended for Monitree, are easily available at local flower shops.

Q. There are still unresolved questions.

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